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Working with Toledo Radiological Associates (TRA) couldn’t be easier!

Doctors viewing imagesTRA will conveniently install it’s HIPAA compliant Opal-Rad PACS system at each client’s location. With the press of a button, the patient information and radiology images are securely sent to our radiologists for interpretation.

Your imaging equipment will be networked with our Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) through a virtual private network.

Access to the PACS can occur from any Microsoft Windows computer with Internet capabilities, and we offer an interface that users find to be quite intuitive after minimal initial training.

TRA is able to accommodate your referring physicians who wish to view their patient reports and images online.

Conveniently view your reports, key images, or the entire exam online as well as check the status of the report; we also offer other options on reviewing reports such as faxes, or encrypted e-mail.

TRA will provide transcription services for your convenience.

TRA cares deeply about the services that we provide and our reputation is a commitment to quality. Our full-time, sub-specialty trained radiologists will work closely with your technologist to develop protocols to enhance the image quality of the exams produced by your imaging equipment.

Your completed reports will be available within twenty-four hours with STAT reads available. In cases with critical findings, the results are phoned to the referring physician immediately.

For more information, please contact Denise Benton, Director of Business Development, at 419.290.6097 or dbenton@toledorad.org